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Modernisme Art & Antiques - Eclectic Is The Word​

People often pass in front of the GALLERY MODERNISME when driving up the big hill in Camaruche. They notice the gallery with its colorful sculpture and signs. But do not come in because  it is either awkward to enter or because they don’t know what they  will find there!

There is a list of big names outside such as PICASSO, MIRO, CHAGALL, LUCIO FONTANA, SOL LEWIT, AND MATISSE, and some people think that they will find reproductions. But that is not true.

There is a collection of 1960 PICASSO drawing as well as his last series of etchings, series 347, from 1968. There are drawings by MATISSE, COCTEAU, GIACOMETTI AND WIFREDO LAM. Oil on canvas with holes by LUCIO FONTANA, as well as drawings, plaster sculptures, original oils by ARMANDO MORALES, BEN the famous letterist from the Nice School, very rare watercolors by FEDERICO GARCIA LORCA, and works by mini-malists SOL LEWITT AND CARL ANDRE.

We also present the work of a Haitian master, EDOUARD DUVAL CARRIE, and a local St Barth/Corsican painter, LIONEL BIGUGLIA.

As for antiques, we have original French and Italian art deco furniture in shagreen and marqueterie, and numerous pieces of old glass paste by GALLE, DAUM, AND MULLER.

A collection of MAYAN CERAMICS OF THE COLONIAL epoch (year 900) and numerous    KHMER SCULPTURES from the BAYON style in Angkor (13th century). The Chinese ceramics are from the tombs from the Han dynasty (200 BC) materials, such as silver, gold, shagreen, and coral.

And last but not least, for COLLECTORS OF MAPS we have a large collection partly acquired from the last antique store in St Barth, which was near the Pelican, and from other collections around the world. So one can find Caribbean maps from 1750 and a map of St Barth from the Swedish era. THERE ARE FIVE SPACES IN THE MODERNISME GALLERY, one with paintings, one with sculptures, one with furniture, one with objects, and one with jewelry. It’s a real trip through time and history from 200 BC until the present with contemporary art and jewelry.

We accept credit cards, wire transfers, or checks, and ship or FedEx all over the word.

Modernisme Art & Antiques - à Camaruche

Vous pourrez admirer une collection de dessins de Picasso des années 60 ainsi que sa dernière série de gravures : la série 347 faites en 1968.

Des dessins de  Matisse, Cocteau, Giacometti et Wifredo Lam.

Les fameuses huiles sur toiles avec des trous de Lucio Fontana, ainsi que des dessins et plâtres !Des toiles originales d’Armando Morales, le célèbre Ben, lettriste de l, école de Nice,  des aquarelles exceptionnelles sont rare de Federico García Lorca et des oeuvres minimalistes  de Sol LeWitt et Carl André. Nous exposons également un artiste Haïtien Édouard Duval Carrie ainsi qu’un artiste de St Barth/Corse Monsieur Lionel Biguglia.

Côté antiquités, de quoi vous faire saliver avec de l’Art Déco d’origine française et italienne en galuchat et marqueterie ainsi que de nombreux objets d’art en pates de verres de Galle, Daum et Muller.

Une collection de céramiques de l'époque coloniale Maya (année 900) et de nombreuses sculptures Khmères du style du Bayon à Angkor (13emesicle).

Des céramiques chinoises venant de tombeaux de la dynastie Han (200 avant JC)!!

Original Oil Paintings

Original Drawings

Original Sculpture

Opium Objects

Art Deco Furniture

Original Photos

Tibetian Tangkhas

Mayan Artifacts

Special Objects

Original Prints

Hindu Bronze Art

Petrified Stones Furniture